Finding Michael Hussey, Winner of the 1993 Sabah - Malaysia Camel Trophy


Finding Michael Hussey was relatively easy. It was Peter Vollers of the Vermont Overland Challenge (VOT) who "unearthed" him. Michael made a special appearance during the first night of the 2013 VOT to help kick off the event. The VOT was only over for a week when I initially emailed Peter, asking him if he could forward my info to Michael.

Peter was having dinner in Telluride, Colorado when he replied and was excited to hear about the project. The next day Michael sent me an email and said "I would be happy to sign your book in the company of an amazing group of guys you have compiled!" The day after that (8/21/2013) Peter sent Michael and I an email detailing a surprise encounter he had in the woods of Colorado.

"You guys are not going to believe this, but Peter Jr and I have been literally living on the trail here in the San Juans and just today, we were finishing up Poughkeepsie Gulch trail near Ouray and we noticed a pristine white brand-new Range Rover driving towards us. We are literally in the middle of the mountains and no one else is around.

I pull up to the Range Rover and the tinted driver side window rolls down and who is it but Daphne Green and Jim Swett out prerunning for their Land Rover adventure outing from Telluride.

I filled them in on the whole VOT thing and that I have unearthed Mike and they are just thrilled to hear all about it. What a small world!!"

Four weeks before Peter's encounter, Daphne and six other Cameleers were signing my copy of The Great Adventure.

Some of the very first items added to my Camel Trophy collection was a set of 24 slides, shot on location during the 1993 CT. There are a wide variety of images in the set, but one of them is a group shot of all the participants. With the aid of a light table, I was able to get pics of each slide and sent the group shot to Michael. They way he determines the location of the photo is classic.

"Looks like the send off photo at the resort in Kota Kinabalu. The Canary Island team mate does not have a cast on his arm so it has to have been before leaving. I am in the back row right with my arms raised - Tim is seated in front of me with one arm up."

Earlier that summer, what looked like the 1993 USA CT truck was seen on Expedition Portal, as well as the Camel Trophy Owners Club. It looked the legit, but knowing straight from the source was the best way of verifying its authenticity. Some pictures were sent to Michael and he was easily able to confirm it was the truck he used in Malaysia.

"Thanks for the update on the Disco. It certainly is the vehicle that Tim and I drove in Sabah '93 - I remember every nut and bolt. We brought it out of the jungle with nary a scratch on the paint. When it came back to the states it was being taken from car show to car show when, as I recall, someone - NOT Tom Collins!! fell asleep at the wheel and rolled it into a Bridge. Webb bought it, brought it back to usable condition, as only Webb can, and used it on his ranch in CO. That was the last I knew of it. I have the original CT Plaque from the roof rack as a souvenir after the roll over.

Feel free to post this on the expeditionportal forum - that vehicle DESERVES the proper story!"