The Saga of Webb Arnold and the 1993 USA CT Truck

Webb Arnold, team mate with Bill Burke in the 1991 Tanzania-Burundi Camel Trophy, has been the proper owner of the 1993 USA CT truck for many many years. The 1993 Camel Trophy is rather special because it was the only year the US had the winning team (Tim Hensley and Michael Hussey). Due to some bad timing and luck, the truck wound up in the hands of a rather unscrupulous person. While The Great Adventure was with Webb in late 2013, he contacted me about helping him get the truck back into his possession. This is his account of the truck's history and how it left his possession. The only change to Webb's account is the replacement of the current "owner's" name with Unscrupulous Person, since this case is still being decided in the courts.

Here is the story; Land Rover sold me the 1993 CT Discovery as a thank you for training the US teams for all of those years. Yes, it was in bad shape as it actually blew over on I-70 on the way to the New York Auto Show.  I didn't have the funds to repair the body to new, but cared for it's mechanical needs.  We used it for years as a snow plow and for training Camel Trophy Teams.  

I had the CT Discovery at my brother's farm as he was using it to pull a small disk plow in his horse arena. I didn't need it, as I was building a house at the time. A friend of his asked to borrow it, to use at a local mud bog. My brother allowed this, in exchange for the repair of the ignition switch.  Unannounced to me, it sat at this guys place for months.  

Without permission from myself or my brother, this now ex-friend of my brothers sold the CT discovery on Craig's list.  Unscrupulous Person was at the guys place within 12 hours of it appearing for sale, because he knew what a deal it was for a special vehicle.  Unscrupulous Person did in fact purchase the CT Discovery from ex-friend.  At this point Unscrupulous Person was a victim.  Unscrupulous Person then forged a bill of sale from me to the ex-friend, which was dated 2006, even before we had loaned my brother the discovery!  Unscrupulous Person was informed by a Mesa County Sheriff deputy and myself that the vehicle was in fact stolen, to which he replied, "Tough luck, it is mine now."

Unscrupulous Person's forgery and then perjury on the stand this last week, verified that he was no longer a victim.  He stated under oath that a Camel Trophy Discovery was worth no more than a "dime a dozen Discovery."  I certainly no longer consider him a victim.  

I am just trying to recover my Camel car...  My son, that was involved growing up very involved in the Team training every year wanted it to stay in the family.  

One thing that might help is, a real world +- value of a The Camel Trophy Discovery the winning car for the 1993 Camel Trophy. This is so rare a car that worth is very hard to determine. The guys with in Land Rover Club's are the only people that would have an idea of its value.

Thank You for Your help,

Webb Arnold

Team USA Camel Trophy 1991

Webb Arnold in the 1991 Tanzania - Burundi Camel Trophy

Webb Arnold in the 1991 Tanzania - Burundi Camel Trophy

Updates will be posted below:

2/18/2014 Mediation date with the court