Brenton is a skilled artist with a great work ethic. He tackles challenges head on, is extremely dependable, and is always looking for ways to improve. Brenton also works well with other people and is extremely collaborative, whether interacting with his team or other disciplines. He is quite versatile and capable of tackling some of the more technical tasks, such as lighting and performance. Brenton is very upbeat and it is clear to anyone that knows him that he loves his job. I would certainly enjoy working with him again in the future.
— Marc Tattersall, Art Lead/Manager
I think Brenton is awesome, and you will too. I hired Brenton to help work on The BUREAU: XCOM Declassified. He turned out to be such a great teammate and talented Level Architect. He made huge contributions to the project and team.

Brenton is a very talented environment artist who took on a lion’s share of work for the project; his work was top-notch. He is the kind of person who not only seeks out work, but is dependable, quick to help others, has an insatiable appitite to learn new things, and has an easy going optimistic attitude too. A pleasure to work with. Brenton quickly endeared himself to the entire team and made coming to work fun.

I would gladly work with Brenton again, and hope that our paths will cross on antoher project, not only for his talent and skill but for his presence and personality. I highly recommend Brenton.
— Devin St. Clair, Senior Level Architect
Brenton is an amazing team member with a fantastic personality and is a brilliant artist. I talk about Brent all the time to my other co-workers and how easy he was to get along with and the experience and creativity he brought to the table. We were given a very tough task to complete and Brent willingly jumped in the trenches and down the rabbit hole with me and in doing so we created an interesting level with beautiful art. I really can’t say enough great things about him, and I would jump at the chance to work with him again. There is no doubt in my mind that any company that grabs him up will be incredibly lucky to have him on their team.
— Tess Vosika, Level Designer
Brenton is an excellent senior artist, technically brilliant with an eye for detail. Always willing to help more junior staff. He is always there at the most testing times during a project. A great colleague to have by your side and a true team member.
— Matt Butler, Art Director
He’s highly detail oriented, and was key to the development of our destructible content pipeline, World builder tools, and light-mapping system. I am consistently impressed with Brenton ‘s ability to assimilate ever-changing proprietary tools and technology, work collaboratively with other team members, and remain flexible to modifications in art direction
— Dave Dawson, Art Lead
Brenton is a great artist! He has a great eye for detail matched with a very high level of technical knowledge. He is able to create quality detailed assets, complete with normal maps, materials and textures that work and look great for next generation platforms. He is always easy going and a pleasure to work with, ready to drop what he is doing and help out anyone who asks. Working with him was a lot of fun and I hope I get the pleasure of working with him again in the future.
— Jon McBain, Senior Level Architect
Brenton was an invaluable part of the team for an ambitious social mobile game project at Other Ocean. He was a machine, enabling us to do 130 man months of art work in just 3 months by providing organizational and technical expertise between the international outsource teams and the studio team. I highly recommend Brenton for any role that calls for detail oriented focus, 3D & 2D art production, and technical game art tools development. He is a pleasure to work with and I would hire him again in a second!
— Martin Caplan, Senior Producer
He contributed a huge amount of time to testing weekly world editor releases as well as provide feature specifications and usability reviews. His dual artistic and technical skills enabled him to critique and improve the tool design, and he was instrumental in making the tool a success.
— Nathan Dwyer, Senior Software Architect/Scientist